Jodi Lee

JodiLee is an Australian fashion and accessories label launched in 2008 from an unstoppable desire to create beautiful, handcrafted, natural pieces that reflect the designer’s bohemian lifestyle.

Jodi Cooper, former co-founder/co-owner  and designer of a boutique label, has spent the past 16 years crisscrossing the globe in search of creative inspiration and eclectic fabrics. This is evident in her various ranges that combine European elegance with Asian materials and classic Australian panache.

Revered for its attention to detail and daring designs, JodiLee features a vast collection of pieces that appeal to modern women who seek both substance and style. Undeniably edgy, this bohemian fashion and accessories line includes handcrafted leather clutches, classic wallets, wedges and sandals as well as beautifully embellished bags, boots and belts.

Jodi’s focus is on comfortable, wearable yet unique fashion that captures people’s attention with its semi-precious stones, studs, eyelets, beads, chains and weaving. JodiLee launches two fashion-forward collections each year – spring/summer and winter – showcasing timeless designs regardless of the season. This creates an even wider variety of styles,  embellishments and shapes that are irresistible, individual and appealing to women who want to stand out from the fashion pack.


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