Boho Might not be what You Think?

Boho is not short for bohemian as there is no “O” in the word after the “H”, but it is part of the meaning.

Bo = Bohemian   /  Ho = Hobo   (see meanings at the bottom)

Mary-Kate & Ashley, the Olsen sisters are icons of this style, as it was coined after them. The word is often now used for to describe just a Bohemian/gypsy look but it’s not the correct meaning.

Below are a couple of photos that typifies the look, as you can see it’s more that just a dreamy hippy look (taken from the Bohemian / unconventional time of the 70’s). The look has a slight “Bag Lady” feel (the Hobo part of the look), while still remaining very designer as we would expect from the Olsen twins…!

Mary-Kate & Ashley Photo

From the Concise Oxford Dictionary:

Bohemian: 1. (Native or inhabitant) of Bohemia; Czech. Socially unconventional (person); person, esp. artist or writer, of free-and-easy habits, manners, and sometimes morals.

Hobo: Wandering workman or tramp


Note: How do I know all about this? I worked under Trish (at DesignWorks) as the Australian designer for the Mary-Kate& Ashley label…!


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