Kooi Knits now in Australia!

Kooi from Serbia are just in(their first foray in Australia and we are proud to be number 1) it’s a fun graphic design, again with an eastern European style that’s bright contemporary and eclectic, following on in Ivko’s wake, Kooi deliver soft cotton style tops/jumpers, and wool and nylon blend cardigans and coats at a more affordable price point, we love them they add to any quirky wardrobe, and we hope you do too.


9 14133 14136 black BlazerBLC14101-2Blue CoatCC14146-5Red_Skirt-SKC14152-5Red Jacket-JC14136-7Green KK021C007-I11@11 KK021C007-I11@13 KK021I00P-K11@3 KK021I00P-K11@4 KK021I00R-G11@4 KK021I00T-J11@3 Kooi camp 1 Kooi camp 3 Kooi camp 4 Sweater--SC14151------7Green


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