And There’s More……….

There is so much happening in the store.  “Rock Revival”  Mens and Ladies denim have arrived together with new “Hudson”  and “True Religion” denims creating lots of excitement. Styles oozing with character from a sleek conservative look to a rock’n roll alternative style. Speaking of alternative, “Elvis Jesus” latest T features Ronnie Wood. “Hale Bob” is saturated with bold prints and colour. Even though it is a warm seasonal dress, these dresses  look great with a body suit, leggings and boots. So with a “Hale Bob” dress in your wardrobe you have dress that can be worn over two seasons. 

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Two other labels to watch out for are, “Qui Set” and “Magic Woman” from Germany and “Napapjiri” from Italy. These labels are exclusive to Three Bears Clothing. Styles, cuts and colours that are unique and new to Perth. I will be uploading photographs of some of their styles in the very near future. So stay tuned…in the meantime, thank you for reading me and thank you for wearing us…. 🙂


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