30% off our exclusive range of Swimwear!

Eek!!  😮 Three Bears has no floor space!!! The store is brimming with colourful, high quality and exclusive summer  wear, so Colin and Jen have decided to sell their swimwear range at bargain prices.

The range consists of “AQUA BENDITA” a company that has positioned itself as one of the fastest growing swimwear brands in the world.  The exclusiveness of its designs and the quality of each garment speaks for itself. The brand name arose at a University by their creators who were studying fashion design. The swim suits were made out of patches and they also included scapulars with religious images for good luck.  This is how the concept of adopting names that had to do with what was being proposed, came around. “Aqua” or Water was important because it is swimwear and “Bendita” or Blessed or Holy because of the religious or positive energy concept that wearing a garment like this radiates. Also, the best ingredient to baptize something is “Aqua Bendita” or “Holy Water”.

There are also some fab swimsuits from “BEACH BUNNY” a company that was established in 2004. This is high end couture swimwear is totally unique. Because its high end swimwear, it  also means a lot of other ladies won’t be wearing the same suit as you which is always a huge plus to me.

Both “Aqua Bendita” and “Beach Bunny” is not for everyone. Course not…where would the exclusivity be? And that my friends is what “Three Bears” is all about…..happy shopping 🙂

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