Good Lord! I’m All Shook Up!

This brand started in 1997 creating a storm and instantly developed dedicated fans in spite of its controversies. The clothes are very individualistic that people from all walks of life wear the brand. Elvis Jesus clothing line is not for people who have a conservative approach towards fashion. It is meant for people who want to break the so called boundaries of fashion and create a new fashion trend which this brand is offering. Elvis Jesus clothing line offers a great combination of “Rock and Religion”, created with well known themes such as the latest “Smoking with the Bandit” our hero’s and antiheros are at play in this world of artistic freedom. The label is also renowned for its use of high quality fabrics with pain staking hand work on them.

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The best part about the brand is that they appeal to the people of different age groups, from 18 years to over 50 years. They have only just arrived in store and are waiting for that individual you to take one home.


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