Three Bears Fashion Festival!

We all know how fast time can travel and with it comes heaps of new stock from all over the world. If you haven’t been into the store for a while, it is Fashion Festival time and you will have the opportunity to choose from a great range of new fashion. The store is oozing with colour and styles from  Desiqual to Fluer Wood, Et Compaigne, R867, London Nougat, Hale Bob, Odd Molly, Scotch and Soda, Maison Scotch and many other well known overseas designs.

Remember those multi- coloured shoes by “Tilly Rose”? They sold so fast, it seemed like they walked out of the store by themselves. Good news is, that  Colin was able to order a few more sizes.  So you may not have missed out at all, if you are quick 🙂

I’ve just recently purchased a T Shirt designed by “Dirtee Hollywood” it is hot!! It’s the first time that my partner has commented on a T (he has never  commented on a T! He loved it! 😎 This T is super soft,   so comfortable to wear and is perfect  for the upcoming summer months. This collection by “Dirtee Hollywood” could very well be a  collectors item because its designs are by famous American artist “Molly Crabapple” It will be hard to leave the store without one of these “T’s”.  These T’s are special and there is only a limited supply.

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