Oh what a night!

It was fun, fun, fun at the Desigual Launch last night! Spanish Champagne, wine and beer supplied by “Liquor Barons, Wembley” was poured upon entry. Jen had prepared her famous home made tappas  with a fab cheese platter, whilst Spanish music was gently playing  in the background. The atmosphere could not have been better and it was great to see most of our VIP customers all together at the same time. Jack started the night off just before everyone arrived and had full on attention from 4 staff. Different views, different opinions but it was all about getting the most out of a few items added to what she already had at home. Desigual designer Thomas Meyer would have been proud.  The  patchwork designs,  intense prints  and flamboyant splashes of colour was everywhere! Great to see more men this time! After all, it’s not just a girls night out 😀 If you did not get a chance to join us on Thursday, come check out the new range today.

Colin and Jen really appreciate your support and thank everyone for attending. There are more surprises coming soon ❓ but I just can’t mention anything as yet (sworn to secrecy)  8)

Thank you for wearing us! Talk to you soon 😉

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